How to Find a Qualifying Child ?

qualifying childA qualifying child will entitle you tax tax exemption and also tax deduction . One tax exemption for one qualifying child . Further , Internal Revenue Code provides other benefits if you have qualifying child dependents . for example , you can chose filing status as Head of Household  or claim  the Child Tax Credit, or the Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses or a higher Earned Income Credit, etc . These extras are certainly requires extra rules to fulfill .

Seven Rules to Find a Qualifying Child

But , a child can be termed as qualifying child only if following  conditions are satisfied .

  1. The child must be your
    1. son,
    2. daughter,
    3. stepchild,
    4. foster child,
    5. brother,
    6. sister,
    7. half brother,
    8. half sister,
    9. stepbrother,
    10. stepsister, or
    11. a descendant of any of them.
  2. The child must be (a) under age 19 at the end of the year or and  younger than you (or your spouse, if filing jointly),
  3. If full time student , then  under age 24 at the end of the year, and younger than you (or your spouse, if filing jointly),
  4. If  permanently and totally disabled, then any age.
  5. The child must have lived with you for more than half of the year. Temporary absence from home due to school, business, military service, medical care, or vacation are ignored.
  6. You should have spent on child support and in any case the child must not have provided more than half of his or her own support for the year.
  7. The child must not be filing a joint return for the year . However, if the return is filed merely to get any tax refund , such filing is ignored for this rule.

Points to note

  1. If a child satisfies all conditions  of being a qualifying child , but died during the year, he /she can still be claimed as qualifying child in your return.
  2. In case of child , temporary absence is ignored . Some of the types of absence considered temporary absence are when a child is absent  from home due to school, business, military service,or vacation or for medicare or for any  purpose admitted to a hospital.
  3. If a child was kidnapped during the year, as long as the child is missing, they are considered to be living with you until the year of the child’s 18th birthday, or until the child is determined to be deceased.

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