Long Term Capital Gains Calculator as per US Code !

The sale of capital assets like home, personal-use items like household furnishings, and stocks or bonds held as investments gives rise to capital gains that can be either short term or long term .How to determine long term  or short term asset? Simple if the asset sold was held by you for more than 12 months , its long term asset , if not is short term.Short term is taxed at normal rate , but for long term capital gains there are rates prescribed under Internal Revenue Code. This website shall create a number of calculators based on 26 US Code . Earlier tax residency calculator was published.

Long term capital gains calculator

Short term gains are taxed at normal rate i.e it is added to your normal income and then tax is computed by applying the tax bracket you are falling. Long term gains are taxed at different rates which are staggered according to the long term capital gains. Geven below is the tax calculator for capital gains .


  1. Kindly efer to Publication 551 for basis of adjustments,
  2. Calculate and report capital gain or loss on Form 8949 (PDF), Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets, then summarize capital gains and deductible capital losses on Form 1040, Schedule D (PDF), Capital Gains and Losses.



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