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California Tax Filing Due Dates & Tax Rates 2021

California Tax Filing Due Dates & Tax Rates page is created (like the federal tax bracket for 2022) for all taxpayers who wants the important information instantly. If you are a resident or nonresident of the state of California and received income from a California source during the year 2021 , the law requires you to file tax return and pay the tax due as per your return before the due date for filing taxes.

California tax filing

What are California Tax Filing Due Dates?

The due date of filing personal income tax return for year 2021 in the state of California is 18th April 2021 .Like the federal tax return rule, there is provision for failure to pay and file penalty , if you do not file by due date . However , it must be noted there is an automatic extension of filing time by six months .So, pay the amount you owe by April 18, 2022 to avoid penalties and interest and can easily get an extension upto 18th October 2022.

California Tax Rate

The following is the California State Income Tax Rate for year 2021 , for which you need file tax return by 18th April 2022

Tax RateSingle or Married Filing SeparateMarried Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er)Head of Household
1%$0 to $9,325$0 to $18,650$0 to $18,663
2%$9,326 to $22,107$18,651 to $44,214$18,664 to $44,217
4%$22,108 to $34,892$44,215 to $69,784$44,218 to $56,999
6%$34,893 to $48,435$69,785 to $96,870$57,000 to $70,542
8%$48,436 to $61,214$96,871 to $122,428$70,543 to $83,324
9.3%$61,215 to $312,686$122,429 to $625,372$83,325 to $425,251
10.3%$312,687 to $375,221$625,373 to $750,442$425,252 to $510,303
11.3%$375,222 to $625,369$750,443 to $1,250,738$510,304 to $850,503
12.3%$625,370 and over$1,250,739 and over$850,504 and over

What is Capital Gains Tax Rate in California ?

There is no special tax rates for capital gains in the state of California. If you earn any gains on capital asset , you of not have to distinguish between Short Term Capital Gains and Long Term Capital Gains. Unlike Federal tax structure , the state of California taxes the capital gains uniformly as per the normal personal income tax rate for the year.

What are the ways to pay personal income taxes electronically in California ?

There are several ways that a taxpayer can make payments of tax due to the state of California . Here are the list published on the govt site with links to know further on the specific payments method

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