How to calculate the adjusted basis of the property?

When you sale a property that you inherited, you will have to examine if there was any taxable capital gains . This is so because you are liable to pay tax on any capital gains earned on such a sale or transfer of the inherited real estate property. At that point in time terms like […]

Depreciation calculator for home office

If you carry business or profession from a portion of your home, you are allowed home office tax deduction as also depreciation on the property. Please read Home Office Deduction Calculator If you are using Form 8829, after calculating your deduction for the business use of your home (Part II), you can figure your depreciation […]

Home Office Deduction Calculator

If homeowners and renters carry on business or profession from a part of the home, the expense incurred on the said office -directly or indirectly- are allowed to be deducted from gross income to compute your taxable business income. All persons carrying small business should know how to deduct the expense of carrying out office […]

How to Determine Starting Date & Ending Date for Residency ?

The US tax laws requires determination of period of residency of an alien in the United States. The rules for determining official starting date and ending date are different in various situations . These situations of Green Card Test , Substantial Presence Test ,First Year Choice ,Income Tax Treaty and Residency Starting Date Under the […]