2 States Where Tax Day 2019 Does Not Fall on 15th April

The tax filing deadline for the tax year 2019 is 15th April 2019 for everyone in USA except two States . Can you name these states ? Okay , the answer is Maine and Massachusetts where the tax filing deadline for year 2019 falls on 16th April and 17th April respectively.

Why Separate Tax Deadline ?

The obvious reason for extra day is official holidays in these states for separate reasons and legally IRS can not require that tax return should be filed on holiday. In Maine , there is an official holiday on 15th April on the occasion of Patriots Day that commemorates Revolutionary War battles.

So, in the state of Maine tax filing deadline falls on 16th April 2019

The same reason is also true for the state of Massachusetts where 15th is an official holiday on Patriots Day . But on very next day i.e 16th April , it celebrates Emancipation Day in honor of end of slavery in Washington, D.C. So, April 16 is a legal holiday in Massachusetts .

So , last date of filing tax return in the state of Massachusetts is on 17th April 2019 .

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