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This article is not related to taxation issue but an immediate problem , world is facing right now –coronavirus pandemic . But I can not hold myself from bring attention of scientists ,doctors and biologist to show a data analysis that gives credence to theory that the coronavirus or Covid-19 has some relationship with the heat or temperature. So, I have created an online tool that shows the number of reported cases of Covid-19 affected in various countries and deaths based on the average temperature of the countries.

Questions that beg answers !

Why is Iran so much affected by covid-19, when its neighbouring country Iraq not?

Why is HongKong full of Chinese people not affected so much despite very dense population ?

Why is India, Pakistan,Sri Lanka & Bangladesh despite being so near China not affected so much?

Why is the Africa continent despite of the large Chinese presence not so affected ?

The scientific communities must find out the answer to all these questions .I am neither a scientist nor a biologist , but the data analysis that I did throws some idea and a pattern about this pandemic . I have created an online tool for readers to check themselves that there is a very strong indication that the coronavirus is somehow not growing fast in hotter environment.

Similar view- CNN wites

“Some of the worst hit areas around the world — from Wuhan, where the virus was first detected, to Iran, Italy and South Korea — are on more or less the same latitude, with similar temperatures and relative humidity. Researchers at the University of Maryland (UM) have even used this data to attempt to map out other parts of the world that could be at risk of imminent outbreaks.

National Geographic writes

One of the first studies to test how environmental conditions affect viral transmission was published in 2007, and it looked at how influenza spread through guinea pigs infected in a lab. High temperatures and in particular high humidity slowed the influenza spread, and at very high humidity levels, the virus stopped spreading completely. Warmer air holds more moisture, which prevents airborne viruses from traveling as far as they would in dry air. In humid conditions, the small liquid droplets in a cough or sneeze gather more moisture as they’re expelled. Eventually too heavy to stay airborne, they drop to the ground.

Data don’t lie !

The Coronavirus heat-map tools (courtesy Gs2Web SaaS ) requires just two optional inputs. Select less than or more than a temperature. Once you do that , the total number of affected cases and number of unfortunate death will be shown . Then you get the list of countries with related data.

Some of startling revelation about temperature of countries and Coronavirus

1.Total cases in countries ( twenty ) with average temperature of more than 26 degree Celsius is just 975 out of 1,75,080 cases worldwide. Total death just 7 whereas worldwide death as on 17.03.2020 is 7021

2. Total cases in countries ( ten ) with average temperature of more than 27 degree Celsius is just 400 out of 1,75,080 cases worldwide. Total death just 5 whereas worldwide death as on 17.03.2020 is 7021

3.Only one country having average temperature of more than 29 degree Celsius is just 148 out of 1,75,080 cases worldwide. Total death just 4 whereas worldwide death as on 17.03.2020 is 7021

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