Form 2290 Tax Calculator


HVUT 2290 Calculator

2290 tax calculator is an easy to use tool for finding out the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax which must be paid to IRS for all heavy vehicle having a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. 2290 is the form also popularly known as HVUT 2290 for filing after the first use of the vehicle with a payment of tax. If you are unsure about Form 2290, please read previous post FAQs on Form 2290

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Computation method for HVUT 2290 Calculator

There is a distinction between the heavy vehicle used exclusively to transport logging goods and machinery to and from logging locations and other heavy vehicles.

1. Select gross weight category (in pounds)- the vehicle are categorized in a range of weight .The Gross Taxable Vehicle Weight should be computed by aggregating the actual unloaded weight of the vehicle, trailer, and semi-trailor with the weight of the maximum load generally carried on the vehicle.
2.Select first used month-Form 2290 must be filed for the month the taxable vehicle is first used on public highways during the current period.
3.Nos of vehicles except logging- It means simply the number of vehicles which are not used exclusively for transporting logging goods

4.Nos of vehicles with logging-Numbers of heavy vehicle used exclusively to transport logging goods and machinery to and from logging locations.

Who is not required to file HVUT 2290 ?

You are not required to file Form 2290 and pay any HVUT if the taxable gross weight is less than 55,000 pounds . Even if it more than 55,000 pounds or more, if it is not expected to exceed the mileage above 5000 miles (7500 miles for Agricultural & Logging vehicles).

However , it should be noted that if the business plans to drive less than 5000 miles (7500 miles for Agricultural & Logging vehicles) during the tax period, filing the vehicle as Tax-Suspended vehicle is mandatory.

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