Indiana Tax Calculator


Indiana tax calculator is an easy tool for computing the amount of withholding tax on your salary income. The aggregate of Indian state income tax and local tax applicable in a county within the state of Indiana are taken along with the allowed personal exemption and exemption for dependents.You can also check federal paycheck tax calculator

The Indiana payroll tax calculator is based on the rates published by the Indian government. You can click Indiana Tax Rates published on our website. If you wish to refer the original official website of Indiana state govt. click here.

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Computation of Indiana Withholding tax

January 1 is the cut off date to determine the county of residence and the county of principal business or employment of an individual for determining county tax at the rate corresponding to that Indiana county. The computation of Indiana payroll tax is simple

Determine  Gross Income                             xxxxxxxx
(i)The personal exemption allowed                    xxxxx
(ii) The dependent exemption allowed                 xxxxxx
                     Taxable Income                  xxxxxxx
Indiana State income tax = Taxable income*0.0323
Indian county tax = Taxable income x county tax rate

Indiana Personal & Dependent Exemptions

There are two kinds of exemption as allowed the state of Indiana. These are -personal exemptions and dependent exemptions. Each employee is entitled to deduct $1,000 per year per exemption and $1,500 per year per qualifying dependent.

Indiana Table for Personal exemption(effective 1/1/2020)

Number of Personal exemptionsDailyWeeklyBi-weeklySemi-MonthlyMonthly
Dependent ExemptionDailyWeeklyBi-weeklySemi-MonthlyMonthly

How to get Indiana tax ID number ?

Business owners can obtain an Indiana taxpayer identification number by registering online as a new business via and complete the Business Tax Application (BT-1) form, which requires the following information:

  • Your email address
  • Federal identification number or EIN
  • Indiana TID number (if applicable)
  • Business name and contact details
  • Type of organization
  • State of incorporation and other relevant information for corporations registered in other states
  • Business trade name (if applicable)
  • North American Industry Classification System code
  • Indiana Secretary of State control number (except for general partnerships and sole proprietorships)
  • Type of tax for which you are registering

Answer all applicable questions, submit the BT-1 form, and print a copy. Your application will be processed within six weeks, and once registered as a business, you will be assigned a tax ID number.

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