Child Dependent Tax Credit Claim Finder

child dependent tax creditIf you read the Internal Revenue Service guides on Child  Dependent Tax Credit , a test in form of questions -yes or no has been provided to test if your claim of the tax credit is correct This author has created an easy web calculator for testing the claim , This calculator  is also part of iPhone and android app which you can download from googleplay or applestore easily.

The child and dependent care credit is claimable if you paid to a care provider for the care of a qualifying child or dependent. Read how to find a qualifying child ? The percentage depends on your adjusted gross income.The total expenses that you may use to calculate the credit may not be more than $3,000 (for one qualifying individual) or $6,000 (for two or more qualifying individuals).

However,if you got dependent care benefits that you exclude or deduct from your income, you must subtract the amount of those benefits from the limit that applies to you.

Child  Dependent Tax Credit Claim Finder

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