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A donor , expecting to get deduction for his/her/its charitable organization must check if the organization is indeed tax exempt. The Internal Revenue Service has just its earlier version of online tool-EO Select Check- to search tax exempt organization with a new , fresh and faster online tool .In contrast to the earlier tax exempt organization database search tool , that mainly offered information on whether an organization was tax-exempt or not, and whether its status had been revoked, but new TEOS search tool provides much more information.
irs tax exempt search

Tax-Exempt Organization Search tool will let you find :

  1. Organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions . You can download complete lits of tax exempt organizations in your area
  2. Certain charitable organizations or tax exempt organization are automatically revoked organizations on account of their failure to file required Form 990-series returns or notices annually for three consecutive years. Thus they do not enjoy the tax exempt status and a donation to such organization will not make you eligible for tax deduction . The new tool lets you search all those revoked organizations.
  • IRS determination letters dated on or after January 1, 2014¬†¬†recognizing an organization as tax-exempt under the sub-section for which it applied.

The new tax exempt organization search tool provides a very simplified search interface , enabling users to search across multiple data files for information with one query.

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