IRS Late Payment Penalty Calculator

IRS late payment penalty calculatorThe IRS late payment penalty calculator is answer to find out the answer to the question ” how much does it cost to file taxes late ?”. So use this tool for fast estimation of amount that may imposed as penalty for failure to pay tax in time by a tax  payer. The quantum of failure to pay tax is less than the penalty imposed for failure to file taxes. But , it is always prudent to not only file taxes in time , but also estimate tax penalty for underpayment and pay it as soon as possible ! Below is a Beta version of IRS tax penalty calculator Read More »IRS Late Payment Penalty Calculator

Child Tax Credit is Different Than Child & Dependent Credit !

child tax creditOften taxpayers are confused about the two quite similar looking tax credits – Child Tax Credit and Child & Dependent Credit . This post is devoted entirely to the Child Tax Credit under which the maximum amount you can claim for the credit is $1,000 for each qualifying child. For knowing about Child & Dependent Tax credit , please read this articleRead More »Child Tax Credit is Different Than Child & Dependent Credit !