Sales Tax Reverse Calculator

Sales Tax Reverse Calculator will help you to calculate pre tax amount that you paid for an item. It can also confirm if the sales tax on your receipt was correct? If you have following questions , the reverse sales tax calculator provides answer

  • How do I calculate sales tax backwards?
  • How do you remove tax from amount?
  • How do you find the original price before tax?

A “Reverse Sales Tax Calculator” is very useful for tax purpose because if you itemize your deductions and claim credit for the overpaid local and out-of-state sales taxes on your taxes. This is especially beneficial if you have to list your out-of-state purchases to you current state of residence and the taxes paid on those purchases.

Reverse sales tax calculator

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Reverse Sales Tax Computation Formula

Thus you can compute the actual price and the sales tax charged on it out of a product’s post-tax price.The formula for computing the actual sales price is easy :

Pre Tax Price of Product = Sale Price (Post Tax Price) / (1 + TAX RATE)

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