Tax Refund Calendar Date Calculator


Tax Refund Calendar Date Calculator is a very easy tool to estimate a date by which IRS may process and sends you tax refund . As you know,every year , the IRS notifies a date when it starts accepting returns .For tax year 2021 , IRS announced tax filing season starts on February 12 , 2021. IRS starts processing returns after that and the 2021 tax refund deposit schedule is prepared accordingly.

IRS Refund Date Calculator

What affects IRS refund payment schedule of IRS ?

The IRS refund payment schedule is dependent on the fact whether you filed tax return electronically or you mailed it by post. The IRS payout dates are also affected by the date of filing of tax return.Earlier you file,earlier you get refund. If you claimed certain types of credits-for example Child Tax Credit– , your tax refund will be a bit late because IRS scrutinize those credit’s claim by taxpayer. Here’s a list of reasons IRS may delay your tax refund might be delayed: 

  1. Your tax return has errors or incomplete.
  2. IRS suspects identity theft or fraud with respect to your refund claim.
  3. You claimed earned income tax credit or additional child tax credit.
  4. Your tax return is selected by IRS for further review.
  5. Your return includes Form 8379 (PDF), injured spouse allocation — this could take up to 14 weeks to process.

IRS tool Where’s My Refund?

The IRS issues more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days. IRS also provides an online tool Where’s My Refund? to check the status of your refund. The Which credits you claimed – Claiming certain credits can cause your refund to be delayed (more details below). 

What is the tax refund schedule 2021? 

The IRS typically sends out refunds on a schedule. This schedule varies by the method you sent your return in, when you file, and what credits you claim. See an estimated schedule in the chart

Filing method and refund delivery methodHow long it takes to receive your refund from the time your return is accepted 
E-file and direct deposit1-3 weeks 
E-file and check1 month 
Mail in return and direct deposit 3 weeks 
Mail in return and check 2 months  


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