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USA Tax Calculators iPhone & Android Apps 2022

USA tax calculators mobile apps for Android and iPhone provides free calculators that is already available on this website , All the tax calculators are based on Internal Revenue Code ( 26 US Code ) and created with least of input fields , so that users do not get confused.

What types of tax calculators included in iPhone & Android versions?

Tax calculators for the USA for iPhone & Android versions are incorporating about twenty most sought after calculations pertaining to tax under Internal Revenue Code. They are basically categorised under following broad heads

  1. Calculators for Individuals
  2. Calculators for freelancers and self employed people under Business category
  3. Calculators for Capital Gains
  4. Tax Brackets
  5. Tax Information

Business Tax Calculators

  1. Self Employment Tax [Calculate your obligation for Social Security tax and Medicare tax -IRC 1401]
  2. Household Employer Tax Obligation [Employment tax as per IRC 3101]
  3. R&D Tax Credit [As per IRC 41 ]
  4. Home Office Deduction [Refer Revenue Procedure 2013-13, January 15, 2013]
  5. Small Own Home Office (SOHO) Depreciation calculator

Capital gains calculators

Under the Capital Gains calculators, two types of calculators included . One is for quick computation of capital gains tax and another for Real Estate Capital Gains calculator.

  1. Quick Capital Gains
  2. Real Estate Capital Gains

Penalty Calculators

Penalties are part and parcel of Internal Revenue Code as for every non-compliance of a provision of tax law, there is a provision for imposition of penalty on a tax payers. Therefore , following four penalty calculators are included

  1. Failure to file & pay penalty [penalty for late filing or non payment of tax]
  2. Failure to deposit penalty[ Penalty for non deposit of tax withheld -refer IRC 6656]
  3. Estimated tax penalty[failure to pay estimated tax as IRC 6654]
  4. Trust Fund Recovery Penalty [ A penalty imposed upon responsible and wilful individuals who fail to collect and/or pay tax -IRC 6672]

Tax Calculators for Individual Taxpayers

Following tax calculators are included in the mobile app- iPhone and Android versions

  1. Quick Tax Calculator
  2. FICA tax
  3. Tax Refund Dates [estimated dates your refund may be processed]
  4. Net investment income tax calculator-[refer IRC 469 ]
  5. Solar Tax Credit [ Tax credit for investment in solar equipment’s]
  6. Substantial Presence[Tax residency -IRC IRC section 7701]
  7. Tax Interest[Compute interest as per IRS interest rates]
  8. Roth Vs IRA [Compare returns From Roth IRS & simple IRA ]
  9. Roth Contribution Limit [Find out how much can you contribute to Roth IRA]
  10. SEP-IRA Contribution Limit[Contribution limits for self-employed persons]

IRS Tax Information

Certain information are very useful for taxpayers. So, these information are also provided in a very simple and easy manner.

  1. Tax Brackets [2 years tax rates ]
  2. IRS Offices [Important phone, mailing address, and other information]
  3. Certified Acceptance Agents worldwide address with phone number

Disclaimer: All the calculators in this app are created carefully after studies on Internal Revenue Code. But, they are provided to users of this app for estimation and do not guarantee their correctness. Always consult professionals before using the results from this app.

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