2019 & 2018 Standard Deduction

What is the 2019 Standard Deduction

The 2019 tax bracket including 2019 standard deduction has just been announced. Under the Internal Revenue Code , a taxpayer can get tax relief in form of standard deduction or itemized deduction . But the rule is that you can chose either to claim  itemize deductions or  standardized deductions. So here is the 2019 standard deduction table including the 2018 standard deduction.

2019 Standard IRS Tax Deduction Table

Filing StatusStandard Deduction
Head of Household$18,350
Married Filing Separately$12,200
Married Filing Jointly$24,400
Qualifying Widow(er)$24,400

Previous Tax Year 2018 Standard Deduction Table

Filing StatusStandard Deduction
Head of Household$18,000
Married Filing Separately$12,000
Married Filing Jointly$24,000
Qualifying Widow(er)$24,000


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