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What is a certified acceptance agent ? is the first question that hovers in the mind of a person desiring allotment of an ITIN. Isn’t it? Certified Acceptance Agents or CAAs have authorized agents of IRS to assist individuals to obtain an ITIN or Individual Tax Identification Number that is a requirement for filing a tax return in the USA if an individual has no SSN. Using a CAA means that you do not need to submit original documents to the IRS to process your ITIN number application (which can take 7 to 11 weeks for non-US-based individuals). This eliminates the risk of losing important original documents in transit.

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The data used for creating the tool below is based on the list put by IRS on its website. The data is as on 10th October 2021.

What does an IRS certified acceptance agent do?

How a CAA can help you in obtaining an ITIN? Basically, in two ways. Firstly, a Certified Acceptance Agent can verify your identity and certify your identification documents in your application for an ITIN. Therefore, a headache of sending original documents like a passport etc is not required. Secondly, CAA  can submit your ITIN Application on your behalf. This itself makes the whole process of getting an ITIN or renewing the expired ITIN a very easy and smooth.

What is a IRS Acceptance Agent?

An Acceptance Agent is an authorized person by the IRS, is authorized to accept the ITIN application and forward the completed Forms W-7 to IRS. So, basically, the job of the acceptance agent is to see and assist people to properly fill and attach proper documents and then forward the same to IRS.

What is the difference between an Acceptance Agent and Certifying Acceptance Agent?

There are fundamental differences between a CAA and AA as under :

  1. A CAA assumes greater responsibility in facilitating the ITIN application process as a CAA is authorized to receive the assigned ITIN number directly from the IRS. No such power is with the Acceptance Agent who are simply authorized to assist the ITIN applicant. IRS issues ITIN directly to the applicant and not the AA.
  2. A CAA is authorized to submit a completed Form W-7 to the IRS on behalf of the applicant. CAA must attach photo copies of supporting documentation for the primary and secondary applicant(s) whereas an AA merely reviews the required documentation and forwards them to IRS.

How can one become ITIN Certifying Acceptance Agent?

IRS website provides that a person desirous of becoming a Certifying Acceptance Agent , must complete the Application Form 13551 for IRS Acceptance Agent Program, and attach the fingerprint card (if applicable). Once that is completed , you need to mandatory attend the Mandatory Acceptance Agent training. Thereafter ,you must complete forensic training and submit the certificate of completion to the IRS

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