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Internal Revenue Code Simplified !


USA tax law is  complex and full of interpretations. Internal Revenue Code Simplified is a website dedicated to present US tax law to common tax payers in a form that is easy to understand. Apart from that , this website will also bring useful tools and apps like tax calculators, quizzes on internal revenue code topics and mobile app -running on android, iphone , windows and ipad. Just for information , all these will be personally created by the author of this blog.

Author of the Blog

www.irstaxapp.comPrashant Thakur , who spent twenty years with Income Tax Department of India has started this blog . He has authored two books- Tax Evasion Through Shares and Taxing Questions Simple Answer in the year 2008 and 2013 respectively.Both the books are listed on Googleplay and other online stores. He runs a  taxation site http://taxworry.com  and provides tax solution in form of articles, personal consultations. He also provides second opinion on tax appeal matters. In his spare time, he  tries his hand on creating mobile apps related to tax laws.

Why US Code 26 ?

Many of the readers of his tax site are either Non Resident Indians or tax practioners who have non-resident Indians clients. The tax quieries often demands a look on US tax laws . Then came the amendments in Income Tax Act , 1961 about the FATCA ( a US law for information exchange) implementation. All these compelled the author  to start learning about the US Code 26 or Internal Revenue Code ……….This site or blog, as you may say, will grow along with his learning.



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