How to Know Your Filing Status ?

filing statusFiling of tax return under US tax law requires that you first ascertain your filing status. Under the Internal Revenue Code , there are five types of status under which you can file tax return. Filing status will actually determine what  tax rate or the the basic tax exemption or standard deductions and a whole lots of other relief and conditions  applies to you. So , this post is devoted on the ways you can find out exact filing status that applies to you .

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Who Can File IRS Tax Return as Head of Household ?

Head of HouseholdIRS tax return under US tax laws can be filed in four ways-as Single person, as married couple filing jointly or as  widow(er) , or married  filing separately and  as as Head of Household . The tax brackets for each of these types of filing of tax return are different. The deductions and exemptions are also fixed differently for these types of filing of IRS tax return. The Head of Household status is for a single or unmarried person who actually share certain kinds of person living with him. IRS calls those persons as qualifying persons . In the instant post , certain points related to filing of tax return as Head of Household is explained .

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